Structure of air outlet of air conditioner



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent dew formation on a guide vane in an air outlet in air conditioner such as an air conditioner. SOLUTION: In a air conditioner wherein the sections of inside and outside passage walls 72 and 71 forming an air outlet 7 are shaped like radiused faces directed from the vertical direction to the horizontal and an airflow guide vane 20 having a radiused face directed from the vertical direction to the horizontal is provided between these passage walls, the radius r1 of curvature of the wall 71, the radius r3 of curvature of the wall 72 and the radius r2 of curvature of the vane 20 are set in the relations of r1 <=r2 <=r3 . At the maximum angle of deflection (at the time of horizontal blow) of the vane 20 in cooling, according to this constitution, a distribution ratio between the quantity Q1 of air flowing through an outside passage 7a formed by the vane 20 and the quantity Q2 of air flowing through an inside passage 7b can be controlled to be 1.5>=Q1 /Q2 >=1 so as to prevent dew formation in the downstream part on the rear side of the vane. In this distribution ratio, no airflow separation occurs in the downstream part on the rear side of the vane 20 and thus such dew formation as usual hardly occurs.
(57)【要約】 (修正有) 【課題】 空気調和機等空気調和装置の空気吹出口にお ける案内羽根の結露発生防止。 【解決手段】 空気吹出口7を形成する内外面流路壁7 2,71の断面形状が垂直方向から水平方向に向けたア ール面であり、それら流路壁間に垂直方向から水平方向 に向けたアール面の気流案内羽根20を設けてなる空気 調和装置において、壁71の曲率半径r 1 と壁72の曲 率半径r 3 と羽根20の曲率半径r 2 とが、r 1 ≦r 2 ≦r 3 の関係に設定した。かくて冷房時に羽根20の最大偏 向角時(水平吹出時)において、その裏面側下流部分に 結露のないよう羽根20で画成された外側流路7aを流 れる風量Q 1 と内側流路7bを流れる風量Q 2 との配分比 が略1.5≧Q 1 /Q 2 ≧1となるよう制御できる。この 配分比では羽根20の裏面側下流に気流剥離を生ぜず、 従来のような結露は生じにくくなる。




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