Air direction-adjusting structure of ceiling-buried air-conditioner



PURPOSE: To avoid production of contamination of a ceiling surface ensuring a blow-out direction in response to an operation condition of an air conditioner by improving a blow-out part of air conditioning air. CONSTITUTION: An air blow-out outlet 6d is formed between an outside member 9 and an inside member 10 provided on a decorative panel, and a rotatable horizontal blade 11 is disposed at the air blow-out outlet 6d, the horizontal blade forms an air flow passage between the outside member 9 and the inside member 10, and further air direction to an indoor space is adjusted by making use of rotation of the horizontal blade 11. A curved part is recessed in the inside member 10 located at a longitudinal intermediate part of the air blow-out outlet 6d to guide air conditioning air horizontally while the inside member 10 at a longitudinal opposite sides of the air blow-out outlet 6d is formed with a flat surface directed toward the inside of the room to guide the air conditioning air downward.
(57)【要約】 【目的】 天井埋込型の空気調和装置に対し、空調空気 の吹出部分を改良することにより、空調機の運転状態に 応じた吹出し方向を得ながら天井面の汚れの発生を回避 する。 【構成】 化粧パネルに備えられた外側部材9と内側部 材10との間に空気吹出口6dを形成し、この空気吹出口6d に、外側部材9と内側部材10との間に夫々空気流通路を 形成する回動可能な水平羽根11を配設し、該水平羽根11 の回動動作により室内空間への風向を調整する。空気吹 出口6dの長手方向の中間部の内側部材10に湾曲部を凹陥 形成して空調空気を水平方向へ案内する一方、空気吹出 口6dの長手方向の両側部の内側部材10を室内へ向う平坦 面で形成して空調空気を下向きに案内する。




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