Airflow direction changing device, and air conditioning device provided with the same



【課題】信頼性や操作性など風向変更装置として要求される基本的な特性を満たしつつ、吹出口から効率よく空気流を吹出すことが可能で、組み立て作業性及び生産性に優れた風向変更装置及びこれを備えた空気調節装置を提供する。 【解決手段】左右方向に間隔をおいて配列した複数の風向板9を基板18上に立設し、これら風向板9同士を連動させる連動杆21を設け、風向板9は、基板18に固定する支持部22を備え、支持部22に薄肉の低剛性部23を介して高剛性部24を接続することで搖動可能とした風向変更装置17であって、風向板9及び基板18を同一材料によって一体成形し、連動杆21を別体に設けて風向板9に連結した構成とする。 【選択図】 図6
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an airflow direction changing device that can efficiently discharge an airflow from a discharge opening and has excellent assembling workability and productivity while satisfying basic characteristics required for airflow direction changing devices such as reliability and operability, and to provide an air conditioner provided with the same.SOLUTION: An airflow direction changing device 17 has such a configuration that air directing plates 9 arrayed in a horizontal direction with spaces therebetween are erected on a base plate 18, a movement linking rod 21 is provided for linking the movement of the air directing plates 9, the air directing plates 9 are provided with support parts 22 affixed to the base plate 18, and high rigidity parts 24 are connected via thin low rigidity parts 23 to the support parts 22, thus allowing the airflow direction changing device to swing. In the constitution, the air directing plates 9 and the base plate 18 are formed integrally by an identical material and the linking rods 21 are provided separately and linked to the air directing plates 9.




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