Hair-treating agent and method for treating hair



【課題】処理後の毛髪にやわらかな感触を付与し得る毛髪処理剤と、該毛髪処理剤を用いた毛髪の処理方法を提供する。 【解決手段】式(1)で表されるエステルを含む第1剤と、アミノ酸及びその誘導体、タンパク質加水分解物及びその誘導体、ステロール及びその誘導体よりなる群から選択される少なくとも1種の毛髪補修剤と、多価アルコールとを含む第2剤からなる毛髪処理剤。 【選択図】なし
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a hair-treating agent imparting a soft touch feeling to the hair after the treatment and a method for treating the hair by using the above hair-treating agent. SOLUTION: This hair-treating agent comprises a first agent containing an ester expressed by formula (1) and a second agent containing at least one kind of a hair-repairing agent selected from the group consisting of an amino acid and its derivative, a protein hydrolyzate and its derivative, and sterol and its derivative, and a polyhydric alcohol. COPYRIGHT: (C)2010,JPO&INPIT




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