Rust prevention bush attachment machine



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To suppress deformation breaking of a rust prevention bush caused by bush attitude fluctuation during insertion work of the rust prevention bush in a held state using expansion of a diameter enlarging elastic body. <P>SOLUTION: A rust prevention bush attachment machine is equipped with pressing parts 23, 24 freely insertable and axially removable with respect to the rust prevention bush 8 to be inserted into a predetermined portion of a passage and relatively moving in the axial direction, and an operating means B relatively moving both pressing parts 23, 24 in the axial direction. The diameter enlarging elastic body 25 carrying out diameter enlargement deformation of a predetermined portion of the rust prevention bush 8 by relative approaching movement of both pressing parts 23, 24 by the operating means B is provided between both pressing parts 23, 24, and an auxiliary holding means C is provided for abutting on or approaching a portion deflected in the axial direction than a diameter enlargement deformation scheduled portion in an inner circumference face of the rust preventing bush to hold the rust prevention bush 8 in a set attachment attitude with the diameter enlarging elastic body 25 abutting on the diameter enlargement deformation scheduled portion. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2010,JPO&INPIT
【課題】拡径用弾性体の膨張を利用した防錆ブッシュの仮保持状態での挿入作業時におけるブッシュ姿勢変動に起因する防錆ブッシュの変形破損を抑制する。 【解決手段】流路の所定部位に挿設される防錆ブッシュ8に対して軸線方向から抜き差し自在で、かつ、その軸線方向に相対移動可能な両押圧部23,24と、該両押圧部23,24を軸線方向に相対移動させる操作手段Bとを備え、両押圧部23,24間には、操作手段Bによる両押圧部23,24の相対近接移動により防錆ブッシュ8の所定部位を拡径変形させる拡径用弾性体25を設け、防錆ブッシュ8の内周面における拡径変形予定部位よりも軸線方向に偏倚した部位に当接又は近接して、拡径変形予定部位に当接する拡径用弾性体25とで防錆ブッシュ8を設定装着姿勢に保持する補助保持手段Cが設けられている。 【選択図】図6




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