Electronic apparatus



【課題】本件は、表示画面を有する表示パネルと、その表示パネルの背面側に、複数の電子部品が搭載された支持板が広がる電子機器に関し、組立て、分解が容易な構造を提供する。 【解決手段】画像を表示する表示画面を前面に有する表示パネル21と、表示パネルの周囲を取り巻き、表示画面とともに前面の外観を形成する前枠22と、前枠を構成する左右の枠体の内側に取り付けられて左右の枠体それぞれに沿って上下に延在し表示パネルが固定される一対の固定金具70と、第1面が表示パネル背面に面して第2面に複数の電子部品が搭載され、第1面の左右の縁が上記一対の固定金具に接して配置された支持板60とを備え、支持板60が、固定金具70との相対的なスライドにより、固定金具に解除自在に係止される支持板側係止部を備えた。 【選択図】 図14
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a structure having easy assembling and disassembling property in an electronic apparatus having a display panel with a display screen and a supporting board with a plurality of electronic components mounted thereon and extending behind the display panel. <P>SOLUTION: An electronic apparatus includes: a display panel 21 that has a display screen displaying an image on a front surface thereof; a front frame 22 surrounding a circumference of the display panel and forming an outer appearance of the front surface together with the display screen; a pair of fixing metal fittings 70 attached to the inside of a right and left frame bodies constituting the front frame and extending vertically along each of the right and the left frame bodies, thereby fixing the display panel; and a supporting board 60 in which a first surface thereof faces the rear surface of the display panel, a plurality of electronic parts are mounted on a second surface thereof, and right and left edges of the first surface are contacted to the pair of the metal fittings. The supporting board 60 has a supporting board side locking part to be releasably locked by relative sliding with the metal fittings 70. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2010,JPO&INPIT




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