Channel selection communication system



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a channel selection communication system establishing wireless communication even when a format noise occurs in a channel in which a wireless signal is to be received by a preceding reception preparation operation in polling, by smoothly receiving the wireless signal of a channel in which the signal is received by the succeeding reception preparation operation in polling. <P>SOLUTION: A channel selection communication function that performs wireless communication through a channel uninfluenced by the noise, among a plurality of channels, is provided between a vehicle and a portable device. In this wireless communication, when a wireless signal of CH1 is received by a preceding reception preparation operation of CH1 in polling, a determination is carried out on whether a CH1 format noise 48 is occurring. If it is determined that the CH1 noise 48 is occurring, and if it is determined that the noise 48 is still continuously occurring even in the succeeding polling, then in the succeeding polling, the CH1 reception preparation operation is canceled on the way, and CH2 reception preparation operation for receiving the wireless signal of CH2 is preferentially started. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2009,JPO&INPIT
【課題】ポーリングの先の受信準備動作で受け付けるチャネルにフォーマットノイズが発生する状況下であっても、ポーリングの次の受信準備動作で受け付けるチャネルの無線信号を滞りなく受け付けて無線通信を成立状態にすることができるチャネル選択式通信システムを提供する。 【解決手段】車両及び携帯機の間に、複数のチャネルの中でノイズに影響を受けていないチャネルで無線通信を行うチャネル選択式通信機能を設ける。この無線通信では、先のポーリングのCH1受信準備動作でCH1の無線信号を受信した際、CH1フォーマットノイズ48の発生有無を判定する。そして、この時にノイズ48が発生していると判定された際、次ポーリングでも未だノイズ48が継続して発生していると判定されると、この次ポーリングではCH1受信準備動作を途中で打ち切り、CH2の無線信号を受け付けるCH2受信準備動作を優先して開始する。 【選択図】図8




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