Organic-inorganic composite composition



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a resin composition capable of effectively developing thermal or electrical conductivity of an inorganic filler and thereby having high electrical or thermal conductivity. SOLUTION: The organic-inorganic composite composition comprises an inorganic filler and an organic polymer material having crosslinking points, wherein the distance between the crosslinking points is not less than 0.08 times and not more than 1.7 times the average minor axis of the inorganic filler. The organic polymer material is preferably a silicone or acrylic material. The inorganic filler is preferably a carbon material such as carbon fiber and/or carbon black, has preferably an aspect ratio of 2 or more, and is preferably present in an amount of 2 to 25% by volume in the composition. Because the composition can effectively develop the characteristics of the inorganic filler such as thermal and electrical conductivity with a small amount of the filler, it can retain lightweight characteristics and flexibility of the resin, thus making it suitable for use as a thermally-conductive material, an electrically-conductive material, an electromagnetic wave absorption material and the like. COPYRIGHT: (C)2009,JPO&INPIT
【課題】 無機充填材の有する熱伝導性や導電性などの特性を少ない充填量で有効に発現させることができるため、樹脂の持つ軽量性や可撓性も保持することができ諸特性にも優れた、発熱性電子部品の放熱 【解決手段】 無機充填材と架橋点を有する有機高分子材料を成分とし、有機高分子材料成分中の架橋点間距離が無機充填材の平均短径の0.08倍以上1.7倍以下であることを特徴とする有機無機複合組成物。有機高分子材料がシリコーン系材料又はアクリル系材料である有機無機複合組成物。無機充填材が炭素材料である有機無機複合組成物。炭素材料が炭素繊維及び/又はカーボンブラックである有機無機複合組成物。無機充填材のアスペクト比2以上である有機無機複合組成物。無機充填材が2〜25体積%である有機無機複合組成物。 【選択図】 なし




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