Personal authentication device and method



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent at reduced cost the recognition rate of a finger vein authentication device from being reduced by finger insertion erros by inexperienced users or the insertion of a fake by malicious users, etc. <P>SOLUTION: This personal authentication device is provided with an imaging part for picking up images of finger vein images; a light source for emitting light to be transmitted through a finger; an image computing part for collating the images; a guide part for indicating the image pickup positions of the finger; and a sensing part for sensing the touch of the finger to the guide part. Further, the device is provided with a light source for applying reflected light to the back of the finger; a switch part pushed in by the tip of the finger, a light source for passing through the tip of the finger; and a light receiving element for receiving light source for passing through the tip of the finger. Furthermore, the device is provided with a display means for displaying information to guide to regular use of the device. Furthermore, the device is provided with a means for switching the device depending on the stability of authentication between 1-N authentication by which all registered image are collated and 1-1 authentication by which an ID number for identifying the user is input in advance to collate only the corresponding registered images, and a means for updating the registered data. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2009,JPO&INPIT
【課題】 装置に習熟していない利用者による指の誤挿入や、悪意のある利用者による偽 造指の挿入などから、指静脈認証装置の認識率の低下を低コストで防止する。 【解決手段】 指静脈画像を撮像する撮像部と、指の透過光を発光する光源と、画像の照 合を行う画像演算部と、指の撮像位置を示すガイド部と、指とガイド部への接触を検知す る検知部を設ける。さらに、指の腹側を照射する反射光を照射する光源と、指の先端部分 によって押し込まれるスイッチ部と、指の先端部を透過する光源と、前記指の先端部を透 過する光源を受光する受光素子とを設ける。さらに、装置の正規使用へ誘導する情報を示 す表示手段を設ける。さらに、認証の安定性に応じて、全登録画像を対象に照合を行う1 −N認証と事前に利用者本人を識別するID番号を入力しそれに対応した登録画像のみを 対象に照合を行う1−1認証とを切り替える手段と登録データ更新を行う手段を設ける。 【選択図】 図2




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