Semiconductor device, laser light-emitting device, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device



【課題】縦横比が異なるスポット形状のビーム光を出射しても、当該ビーム光の被照射面において、ラジアル・タンジェンシャル方向が均等なスポット形状を得られるようにする。 【解決手段】被照射面に対してレーザ光を照射するレーザ発光装置に用いられる半導体装置であって、縦横比が異なるスポット形状のビーム光を出射する発光素子11と、前記発光素子11が前記ビーム光の光軸を回転中心にして基準面に対し傾いた状態で取り付けられる素子搭載面12aとを備える。 【選択図】図5
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a spot shape in which a radial/tangential direction is equal on an irradiated field of a beam light even if a spot-shaped beam light whose aspect ratio differs is emitted. <P>SOLUTION: A semiconductor device is used for a laser light-emitting device which irradiates the laser beam to the irradiated field. The semiconductor device includes: a light-emitting element 11 which emits the spot-shaped beam light whose aspect ratio differs; and an element loading side 12a on which the light-emitting element 11 is attached while being inclined to a reference plane by using an optical axis of the beam light as a center of rotation. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2008,JPO&INPIT




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