Air conditioner



【課題】空気調和機において、良好な据付け性を確保しつつ、安価な構成で、室内機の側方の空間でも快適に空調できるようにすること。 【解決手段】空気調和機の室内機は、横長の横流型送風ファン311と、送風ファン311の吹出し風路290に設置され左右に回動して風向を左右方向に変更する多数の左右風向板295と、吹出し風路290に左右風向板295より吹出し側に設置され上下に回動して風向を上下方向に変更する上下風向板291と、吹出し風路290の吹出し口の両端部に風向を側方へ変更する側方風向板292とを備える。 【選択図】図9
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an air conditioner capable of providing comfortable air-conditioning even to a space on a lateral side of an indoor unit with an inexpensive constitution while securing good installation performance. <P>SOLUTION: The indoor unit of this air conditioner comprises a horizontally-long cross flow air distribution fan 311, a number of lateral wind direction boards 295 disposed in a supply air trunk 290 of the air distribution fan 311 and rotated right and left to change the wind direction in the lateral direction, a vertical wind direction board 291 disposed in the supply air trunk 290 at a supply side with respect to the lateral wind direction boards 295 and vertically rotated to change the wind direction in the vertical direction, and side wind direction boards 292 disposed at both end portions of the supply opening of the supply air trunk 290 for changing the wind direction to a side part. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2008,JPO&INPIT




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