Bi based superconductive object, superconductive wire rod, and superconductive apparatus


PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a Bi based superconductive object in which superconducting transition is steep and which has a critical temperature higher than 110 K, and to provide a superconductivity wire rod and a superconductive apparatus containing the Bi based superconductive object. SOLUTION: This Bi based superconductive object comprises (Bi, Pb)2223 as a superconductivity phase, wherein a first critical temperature T 1C is higher than 110.0 K in which a magnetic susceptibility which is measured in a status that a magnetic field is impressed in a direction parallel to a c-axis of the (Bi, Pb)2223, and is standardized by 50 K becomes -0.5, and |T 2C -T 1C | which is the difference between a second critical temperature T 2C in which a magnetic susceptibility becomes -0.1 and the first critical temperature T 1C is 1.0 K or less. Further preferably, |T 3C -T 1C | which is the difference between a third critical temperature T 3C in which a magnetic susceptibility becomes -0.001 and the first critical temperature T 1C is 3.0 K or less. COPYRIGHT: (C)2008,JPO&INPIT
【課題】超電導転移が急峻で臨界温度が110Kよりも高いBi系超電導体、このBi系超電導体を含む超電導線材および超電導機器を提供する。 【解決手段】本Bi系超電導体は、超電導相として(Bi,Pb)2223を含むBi系超電導体であって、(Bi,Pb)2223のc軸に平行な方向に磁場が印加されている状態で測定され50Kで規格化された磁化率が−0.5となる第1の臨界温度T 1C が110.0Kより高く、磁化率が−0.1となる第2の臨界温度T 2C と前記第1の臨界温度T 1C との差|T 2C −T 1C |が1.0K以下である。さらに好ましくは、磁化率が−0.001となる第3の臨界温度T 3C と前記第1の臨界温度T 1C との差|T 3C −T 1C |が3.0K以下である。 【選択図】図1




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