Regular reflective resin coated aluminum material superior in durability



【課題】 正反射性樹脂被覆アルミニウム材の耐久性と反射性を両立させる。 【解決手段】 60°鏡面反射率が50%以上のアルミニウム基材の表面に、紫外線吸収剤を樹脂100質量部に対して0.1〜10質量部含有するアクリル系樹脂、フッ素系樹脂、シリコンポリエステル系樹脂の中から選ばれた少なくとも1種又は2種以上からなる膜厚0.1〜10μmの耐候性クリヤー樹脂皮膜を施す。耐候性クリヤー樹脂皮膜は特定粒径のコロイダルシリカを特定量含有するなどして防汚性を有するのが好ましく、塗装下地処理として化成処理、陽極酸化処理、プライマーの中から選ばれた少なくとも1種又は2種以上の下地処理を施すのが好ましい。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reconcile the durability and reflectivity of a regular reflective resin coated aluminum material. SOLUTION: A weatherable clear resin film with a film thickness of 0.1-10 μm, which is composed of at least one kind of a resin selected from the group consisting of an acrylic resin containing 0.1 to 10 pts.mass of an ultraviolet absorbent against 10 pts.mass of resin, a fluoroplastic resin and a silicon polyester resin, is applied to the surface of an aluminum base material with a 60° mirror surface reflectivity of 50% or more. The weatherable clear resin film contains a specific amount of colloidal silica with a specific particle size to preferably have antistaining properties and at least one kind of substrate treatment selected from chemical forming treatment, anodic oxidation treatment and primer treatment is preferably applied. COPYRIGHT: (C)2008,JPO&INPIT




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