In der decke eingebaute klimaanlage

Ceiling-embedded type air conditioner

Conditionneur d'air integre au plafond


An air inlet (15) and an air outlet (16) for use during cooling or heating operation of a ceiling-embedded type air conditioner are provided in a decorative panel (14) located at the bottom of the air conditioner (1) presented to a room space. A horizontal vane (18) is provided which can change up and down the supply direction of a conditioned air through the air outlet (16) to guide the conditioned air so that the conditioned air supply direction forms substantially 45° or less with respect to the bottom face of a ceiling board (70). A plurality of straightening plates (19, 19, ...) are arranged on the front face (18a) of the elongated horizontal vane (18) at a predetermined pitch over the entire length in the longitudinal direction thereof to straighten the flow of the conditioned air into a two-dimensional flow along a vertical plane.




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